This part of the project aims to examine the impact of Brexit both on the rights of EU nationals already living in the UK, and on the rights of UK nationals living across the EU. There are widespread concerns that Brexit could lead to an erosion of citizens’ rights, particularly residency rights and access to healthcare and other social provisions.

These fears have been borne out by the difficulties EU nationals have already encountered attempting to apply for permanent residency in the UK after the EU referendum, with some being rejected despite having lived here for decades.

EU nationals currently living in the UK are in a perilous situation. The European Convention on Human Rights only gives them limited protection, and the government may be tempted to use them as ‘bargaining chips’ in the Brexit negotiations, leaving over 3 million people in a state of limbo.

Our aim is to assess the dangers and put forward options for protecting long-established citizens’ rights once the Brexit process is complete.